An 'inspired' article that gives me the courage to face obstacles in my life.

September 23, 2009 11:42pm CST
I read this article from newspaper last week and it is my responsibility to share it with all of you. This article is an real experience that faced by one. In Taiwan, there is a female, name Wong Hui Xin( I translate from her chinese words), now age 23 has an unfortunate childhood life,it is because hospital has becomes her second house. When Hui Xin ages eight months, she is admitted to hospital because she is 'attacked' by fever.Then, the doctor has examined this small baby girl has an uncommon diseases related to brain(the probability is 1/10000)-there is 32 holes in her brain. However,the health of this girl can be improved by stimulating the remaining active cells in the brain,said by doctor. Hui Xin learns things is slower compare to other people of the same age, during age of 3-she can say 'father',during age of 5,she can say mother. Her parents never give up any chance to help her in daily life. When Hui Xin study in Kindergarten, her mom if has time will go to see her.One day,small Hui Xin stays long time in toilets and haven't come out, her mom open the door and saw Hui Xin's head is hit by some naughty students and swell little bit. As her mom wanted to punish the those students, Hui Xin quickly hold her mother's hand and said,"do not,Mom, it will be very painful".At that time, her mom has figured Hui Xin is different from others because she has positive thinking- she does not care about her pain, but she don't want others also faced this pain. After 23 years(2009), Hui Xin has become a adult and at the same time, she is marked by many people as 'angel singer'. Her song can treat, give people confidence and also energy. For example, a doctor has tell the parents about their child cannot see tommorow 'sunshine',then the sad parents ask Hui Xin(angel singer) to sing song to their child as the last present for the child. Hui Xin touches the child's hand gently and start to sing song. After sing, the child sleep soundly that night and according to he, he dreamt angel is singing song to him. A miracle happened-the child now can see and feel the 'sunshine' . Hui Xin sings song is different from many of us. When she sings song, she remorises the pronounce of words(by shape of mouth when singing), slowly express the song . Due to this, she must be very concentrate,if she is suddenly disturbed, she will pronounced incorrectly. Hui Xin sings song is not regard of nice to listen, but she only wants to sing for others, give strength to them to live on. Many relatives treat Hui Xin as 'hopeless child', encourage her mom to send Hui Xin to the charity organization, but her mom said,"Hui Xin since born, she never think to give up,conversely, she think she is the most freedom and happy child. It is indeed a good article, do you think so? If you have other inspired experiences,I am mostly thankful if you can share with me..^.^
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