How long does it take you to create a post?

September 24, 2009 12:03am CST
Hi Myloters, Because of my internet connection by the time I start to reply or post a discussion and the time its totally done and can be viewed by other it take me about 5 minutes and also the thinking. It really annoy me because I waste more time on the waiting for the page to load not on typing. If I could just make my internet connection faster I might be able to post 50 post in a day. How about you how long does it take you for one post? Is there anything that make your post number slow as well? If given a chance how many post would you like to make in a day? Happy Myloting
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• India
25 Sep 09
Yesterday I was responding to an comment for nearly 10 minutes and after I submitted it it returned with no result all that i have typed has gone.As the copy paste function is disabled in this site it is ok that we write our own comments but when suddenly after a long typing and the time of submitting if it fails to get posted we loose interest to type.Any ways to your question it depends on the typing speed If you can type fast you can post fast if you can type slow you will post slow. Nice na........