Can I ask the question once more?

September 24, 2009 7:51am CST
Well, today I was scrolling through the discussions I have started and I found quite few with no responses at all and a few with responses that didn't answer my question that well. Well it got me into thinking, that as these post are quite old now so there is no way that they will get new responses again, whilst I sit here waiting for my questions to get answered. Then suddenly a thought popped up in my mind, "Why not I start some new discussions with the same questions and may be put them in a way that people be intersted in answering my queries." Is that possible? Am I allowed to do so? If not then what happens to those questions of mine? Where do I search for answers now? Please fellow myloters, don't let this query of mine go unanswered. Please share you thoughts. Thank You
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@mysdianait (65070)
• Italy
24 Sep 09
I didn't go and look at your profile but I presume you have some friends here? If they are friends then they should help if you need something right? My friends know that that they can send me a PM with a link to their discussions with no responses and I will help them out if I can. May I suggest you do the same because as the response above says, we are told NOT to repeat the same topic in discussions.
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• Canada
24 Sep 09
I think that if no one really understood your question, or was able to answer it properly, then there's nothing wrong with re-phrasing the question a day or two later and trying again. But that's just me.
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