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November 14, 2006 1:05am CST
THese solution from parenting experts to five common problems should motivate you children to be cooperative, responsible and pleasant - skills that will serve them for a lifetime. 1. Your child has a mishap. "THere you again. You are so clumsy!" Say this instead: WHat do you need to do to solve the problem. 2. You child's messay rooms annoys you. "Clean up now or in ten minutes its you choice." Incorrect "Pick up your things or else.." 3. He won't get out of bed in the morning. "Good morning. ITs 7 a.m. What should you be doing now?" Incorrect "Get up This is the last time I will call you. 8. He wants help with his homework again. "It is you work. Im confident you can do it." Knee-jerk response "You are so lazy. You need to try harder." 9. She won't do chores. "I cannot serve dinner until the table is set." Knee-jerk response "When are you going to learn to be more responsible around here?"
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