2012 End Of The World

Apocalypse - Just a visual represenation of what the end of the world may look like - if it ever happens.
September 24, 2009 2:50pm CST
I've written about this subject several times and previously had an interest in end of the world prophecies - so I know a fair bit about them. If you're here, then you're on the net - have you noticed any of the 2012 end of the world theories rampaging around the web? If so, what's your opinion? Do you believe that an ancient culture predicted the end of the world or are you of the realistic persuausion ... and just think 'here we go again'? Personally I'm of the mind that it's always good to inject a little cynicism into such theories - plus I like to err on the side of realistic outcomes. I can't quite equate an ancient calendar that the Mayan people didn't even 'invent' as being something we can now base end of the world theories upon. Plus I'm more than aware that everytime another end of the world theory swings around - someone somewhere is making a lot of money of it. Y2K anyone?
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