what's origin of your happy?

@leoliu39 (540)
September 25, 2009 3:05am CST
we sure want to be happy everyday. but for different age and different person, there are different reason to make them feel happy. there are so many thing to be the origin of happy, what about your origin of happy?
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• Philippines
28 Sep 09
You're right we all want to be happy. Different people have diff. things or reason that make them happy. When I'm with my family I feel very happy.
@zhouxi (1752)
• China
27 Sep 09
yes,i think there are many things worth us feeling happy.for example:we are haelthy,we could go where we want to go.we could do what we like to do.we could reach every target not far from us.we often need less ,in the end we harvest more .that's happiness.there are many surprise waiting for you.