Why cant they just legalise weed ?

South Africa
September 25, 2009 6:00am CST
Why cant they just let the people, be blessed ? I mean NOT ONCE has weed EVER killed anybody. You cant overdose on it, unlike alchohol where you end up doing things that are pyscho weed relaxes you. Its a Plant, it was put on earth by our creator.Im not saying lets all walk around with blunts on our hands like cigarettes all Im saying is , Lets Regulate it like alchohol and cigarettes ? like , the age, and of course where to smoke it. So the cops can also fight more important things like crime. Who ever says its a drugg, has NEVER smoked a Blunt ! Its a HERB , Hello. U can grow it at the back of your garden.The reason why they dont want to legalise it, is because the governemt knows they cant tax it. Simply because its something we can all grow on our own. LEGALISE the HERB man, and STOP killing us .Some of us do it for spiritual reasons...
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• United States
4 Oct 09
Hemp really has many beneficial uses. THis is kinda off topic and not really discussing Bob marley but basically it is not legal because then the government wouldnt be able to regulate it and wouldnt make as much money off of it.
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• United States
3 Oct 09
yeah it pisses me off that the leagal things in the U.S are the ones that kill; ciggs, alchohol, even ASPRIN and COFFEE kill more than weed! maryjane has never killed anyone and yet its illegal. there are many different reasons and opinions why it actually is illegal and the more i look into it, i have realized that the government cannot tax it (because anyone can grow it) so they npticed its popularity and decided to make money off of it in any wya that they can....so they put INNOCENT people in jail and make them pay fines for sitting in jail. they then use the money to fun the DEA to capture more "weed criminals" and make them pay fines and jail time.... its just a baaaaddd cycle the world is in. LEGALIZE!!!
@asp808 (11)
• United States
31 Dec 09
where i live we got cards for that.... just complain..... complain ur butt off... i really have a back problem but my best friend got his for BSing about his neck. no dispenseries here tho gotta grow em booooo cheee
@Adrego (1)
16 Dec 09
I agree with you, but you are wrong about the government not being able to tax it. Even if you did want to grow your own, they'd put tax on the seeds etc. I wouldn't mind if they did tax it, at least you'd know you'd be able to get decent quality stuff all the time, lots of people have trouble getting hold of anything good at all.
@reploid (1332)
• France
22 Oct 09
I think it's because the government is making money from it. that's why they won't legalize it. Imagine all the money they are making with the fines etc..