How do you attract potential referrals to your sites?

United States
September 25, 2009 7:28am CST
This question has been asked over and over in these forums and everywhere else. Finding referrals is kind of like fishing in a barrel filled with know you'll catch one, but will it be a keeper? There are proven methods to building a business, and attracting referrals and it doesn't matter if you are trying to attract referrals for a PTC site, an affiliate site, or just trying to promote an online shop or product. The answer is list building, and branding. Putting a face or image to your name and then building a list of names/email addresses and leading them to not only to your sites, but teaching them to do the essence to become successful. Due to a struggling economy, this topic has become very popular recently. More and more people are looking for ways to create a secondary income. Jobs are scarce, so people are turning to the internet for additional streams of income (even if it is clicking ads for pennies)I'm currently writing a blog about how to build lists and branding and I'll send the link to anyone interested in some very basic (and FREE) ways to to do this. I'll also share a link to a site that is launching later today...It seems to have a lot of promise (run by a company that has successfully created several sites similar to this....but this is touted to be BIG)and if you are interested in finding referrals, you'll want to get in on the ground floor with this site... they are paying big commissions. All of there other sites were free to join, I'm assuming this one will be to! So how do you go about finding referrals and how many of your referrals are active?
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@calai618 (1779)
• Philippines
25 Sep 09
I never really had any referrals because no one would belive me (even close friends won't believe me) until one program paid me. I already had the proof of payment but it was still not easy to attract referrals. I only had a few after showing them the proof. But it's fine with me..It's better to have a few than none at all.. :D
• United States
25 Sep 09
What I have come to realize and accept about making money online. There will be people that are skeptical and won't believe money can be made. There will be others that are looking to make money and do little to nothing to earn it. And then finally, there are those, like you and I, that will do what it takes to make money online...and it is this final group you want to find. I have lots of people who signed up, did a little work and found that they weren't making enough money to justify their effort...there is little you can say to convince them that this is what it takes to be successful. Usually, they just fade away, never to be heard from again. Every so often, they come back and earn a little money, and on the rare occasion do what it takes, but for the most part, they disappear. I've found that doing anything but including them in a group mailing is too much. If you have to try and convince them, you are wasting your time and breathe. They've already made up their mind. Keep looking for the referral that wants to make $$ as much or more than you do. These are the referrals worth your effort. These referrals are out there, you just have to find them. Good luck to you.