which is the operating system?

xp - windows xp professional is the one of the most selling OS's in the world and it withstands the threat thrown by vista,7 etc.
@yadu04 (41)
September 25, 2009 9:58am CST
it is tuff decision now to select the best OS.nowadays many OS gets released in the net like xp,vista,linux,7,ubuntu etc.i prefer xp because of its best quality and super user interface!
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• Philippines
4 Feb 10
i think windows xp has always been the best and widely used OS but u need a good antivirus to protect your pc from attacks. guys, its 2010 time for windows 7 to shine. give it a try and i bet you'll kiss xp goodbye.fast stable and very secure OS than xp.
• France
25 Sep 09
Of course, let's see what are our means and our needs. Vista is the top level system from Microsoft. I think it would be good for someone who has the same at work... Windows XP is a professional one from one of the hugest world company: Its system is general public (from all countries) aimed. I think it's the best to most of wors. MacOS is the best in edition and in general artistic usages (music). sorry but I've never tried any macintosh even if I saw some... Linux (Ubuntu is linux of course) is good for someone who has Internet and want to be patent free,(see the codes, even modify them,...) FreeBSD is good for all the students who want to learn every server manipulation(it's very technical and not at all user-friendly...). As for every choice, it's up to you to see...