Getting that A

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September 25, 2009 11:02am CST
Hey everyone! I know while in school everyone wants to get that "A". What are some ways that you study that help you get an A? What has worked for you and what hasn't?
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24 Oct 09
The most important studying time for me is the night before the test. People say that students should rest well the night before the test but for me, staying up and studying the material actually makes me less nervous since I feel I would do better on the test. It's also the time where I would be most productive and really understand what I'm studying. What doesn't work for me is studying a few weeks in advance. I wouldn't be able to concentrate. Guess everyone is different
@taureiel (26)
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28 Sep 09
I'm a college student, and I know that sometimes getting yourself to do well in school can be tough! I've found that pre-planning does wonders for my grades. As silly as I sometimes feel, I make sure to get one of those little student planners at the start of every semester, and I write down each and every assignment inside on the due date. At the end of every day, I peek inside and make sure I've got all the assignments for the next day crossed off. So even though I may feel a little awkward madly scribbling down all the due dates as my professors give them in class, I never have to run into that last-minute 'oh no I forgot that was due today'! As far as studying for exams, I find it's best to study in chunks a few days before the test. Each day it'll get a little easier to remember the bulk of the information, and by test day it's pretty solid. Also, don't try studying on an empty stomach! I've found I can almost never remember anything if I'm distracted by hunger. But more important than anything else, don't wait 'till the last minute on anything-- assignments or studying. You'll be thanking yourself later!
@snam23 (3158)
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26 Sep 09
Studying alone will not get you an A. You need class participation and active listening skills, make relative comments, ask good questions and know the material. To study for a class, you need a quiet place where you won't be disturbed and nothing to distract you such as the internet or instant messaging. Then you need to make sure you have all your materials that you need for studying such as a pencil, pen, eraser, calculator, paper, etc. so you have everything within an arm's length. What you do next depends on your subject. For history and science, go through the important parts of the reading in the text. For math, read your notes and/or your textbook and try to solve the problems. If your stuck, look for a similar problem around it. It can also help to get a tutor a particular class that you might be struggling in. You can also ask a friend or family member to help you if you don't want a tutor or want help just once or twice.
@maezee (41788)
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26 Sep 09
Getting an A.. doesn't just come from studying. It comes from writing papers, too, and also participating in discussions in class. But studying also plays a pretty big role in it. I've found that using flashcards to help memorize material has helped me. Also, it's important to NOT cram material at last minute - and instead to actually study with the time that you have available to you..EVERY DAY. Studying for 1/2 an hour a day - every day until your test/quiz is WAY better than having a 4-hour cram session the night before. Those are just a few things I can think of.