@twinklee (894)
September 25, 2009 11:14pm CST
Have you ever wondered that GOD is a great artist,,,? I have... Every body have eyes, nose, mouth... in common, what is differentiating us is the dimension and position.. God is so creative that with these organs he has made a millions and millions of humans that too distinguishable people.. ! Hats off to him. It is not only with humans, even with birds, animals, vegetables, fruits... So kindly share your thoughts about this issue....
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• United States
12 Jan 10
Quite frankly, this is usually overlooked. It is amazing!!!!!! For example. The way different animals and different species of animails are born into the world and once they arrive, they are already programmed as to what their respective roles are!!!!! God is the only original artist that noone can compete with and or copy.
@umabharti (3973)
• India
13 Dec 09
yes, God is a Great Artist.We are just learning and picking out things which he already made .just we make our selves proud saying we had created a new thing .but actually we are taking the colours and everything given by God .nothing we do.only solve a puzzle given by him .thats all.the power to solve that puzzle also is given by God.So we should be thank ful to him
@cher913 (25844)
• Canada
26 Nov 09
not only people but i think a waterfall or a tree are amazing pieces of God's handiwork. i love to be outside in nature and see what HE has done!
• United States
12 Oct 09
With some people though it seems like God randomly placed things on certain people. Like people in india etc. where they have tails and 8 legs.
• India
11 Oct 09
Yeah god is jus great....without the permission of god even the leaf doesn move.. we should believe him allways so that he take us to the right path...we should allways say him thanks wenever happens good wid us which we forget to do usually... v pray to him wenever we are in trouble but not wen we are happy so never forget to pray to god wen we are happy or sad!!!!