I Don't Find Words To Say It, Ashamed, But .... (N.Y.H)

September 26, 2009 3:50pm CST
First I want To say That iam Really Ashamed To Start This Discussion,, but i feel a little that i had too, my last chance i think.Many people Will Think That Im like All the others just lying here, and they have the right to think this way. BTW Mee Too i have never thought that one day ill be requesting things here but... ( i find big problems to explain things in english) So im a student from morocco, i used to live in safi city but recently i moved to marrakesh and i bet many of you know this city, its the most famous moroccan city, i moved to this city to continue my studies in a good university wich is f.s.t, but living in this city is very expensive, my father has a small shop and i can't let him give me all the money and let my brothers without without food and good studies, am trying everything to earn money but nothing is working, i need a laptop and many other things but the laptop is the last thing i may think about cuz first i have to find food and a cheap hope to live in, all what i am asking is that if someone here can help me by offering me a job or anything, if somone can help me with money or whatever, money as much as you can, one $ wiill mean a lot to mee to mee, everything u can help with. and i will be very thankful, i swear that all that is for my studies and to help my family at least when ill take my diploma and find a good job, The NYH means need your help, and i really need it, ma god bless you. i founda big problem to write this article but i hope it makes things clear enough, if everybody wanna help or doesnt understand something fell free to ask mee, if you need any prove i will give it. thank you in advance :/
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@Hatley (164097)
• Garden Grove, California
26 Sep 09
hi coolayoub mylot will probably delete this as mylotters are not supposed to make discussions asking for money from the rest of us, so I will lose points too. but I do feel your pain, now'about college do you have any type of student aid therein your university? if so could you go and ask for help to pay tuition and food and books and such? usually big universities around the world will offer some sort of financial aid, or even a loan, but you have to apply for it, you wou ld have to live on campus too. Also does your U offer various scholarships that you could apply for? I am not familiar with Morocco but here in the US we do offer a lot of scholarships so do check into that please. If I had any money I would send it to you but I am also very poor.I will send prayers that someone either here or elsewhere can really help you. sometimes too big universities have work study programs where they get you jobs that fit around your studies do go ask some questions please. let us know how you fare.okay? God Bless
• Morocco
27 Sep 09
thank you hatley. well about scholarships, there is no scholar ships any this university, its not a university its FST (faculté science et technique) i don't know how to say it in english, there is no campus, its not the same like in uk, and i wish i was there, lets say a dream that im trying to reach, i applied for a schoolarship for an international university in morocco (al akhawayn university) but i was turned down, only 5 o 6 from the best students in morocco may get aschoolarship there. also about works its not the same like in US, i may work only the night, because we have studies everyday from 8 to 12 and from 14 to 18, theres not much time. any way thank you really for replying ^^ i am glade that there still people like you in that unfair world :) you are so nice :) thank you again ^^