Do you like the color of your hair?

September 27, 2009 2:22am CST
Now, my mom don't like the color of her hair, because it turn white, and she hate it, because she want to look younger.LOL That's why she often dyed her hair to black color. Sometimes when I have time, I'm the one who dye her hair perfectly. How about you, do you like the color of your hair?
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@StarBright (2799)
• United States
27 Sep 09
I'm with your Mom. I do not like the color of my hair either. It turns gray so I color it brown. The problem is it grows fast, so I am constantly coloring.
• Philippines
28 Sep 09
Oh, I see now I know my mom is not alone.LOL My mom do have a very short hair ever since she was young. I think my mom dye her hair every 2-3 months. I think it's just that it's hard to accept to look old, my mom is kinda vain. Anyway thank you for sharing with us and have a great day!
• Philippines
29 Sep 09
As of now I'm still satisfied with the color of my hair,even if I have some white hair here and there....well it is still bearable.But if it will all turn to white then I have to accept it because it's reality.But if I want to look young then I have to use hair dye!
• Malaysia
27 Sep 09
Hi, Careguarden! If my hair starts to turn grey, I would definitely dye my hair, too! My mom often dyes her hair as well. She is using the traditional hyena I think, the one without chemical and she is an expert. She does it all by herself because I guess she does it often that makes her know the right techniques and have acquired the skills. Anyway, I love my natural hair color. It's not really black, but more of like it has been highlighted with dark brown. My hairstylist thought I dyed my hair and each time I go to a new hair salon, the workers will have the same thinking.