Is it wrong to hate for what you think is a good reason???

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September 27, 2009 1:07pm CST
Let me start by saying that I am somewhat of a humble person. My brother's girlfriend gave birth to a beautiful little girl and decided 9 days later (yes 9 days later) that motherhood was not for her AGAIN..(she has 3 other children) so on the 11th day of the childs life my mother and I drove over 4hrs to go get the beautiful baby girl ( and returned the same day)with just a car seat, wic coupons, 6 items oof clothing, 1 baby blanket, and yes 1 warmed bottle...and 16 days later she had an abortion... Baby Beauty was the high lite of our lives against my better judgement my mother sent pictures of her almost daily to her said mother and said father. The agreement was for my mother and her husband to adopt Baby Beauty ( my mother never did file for adoption). After 14 long months and all the trials and sleepless nights***My brother had a old girlfriend contact him and asked him to have a DNA test for her son!!! Weeks later it was discovered that the old girlfriend's son is his(this baby is a pre marriage)Life in thier household was HELL!!!!:( .........The 2 baby mama's argued the now wife of my brother called her son of (her husbands child) a term used for a child born out of wedlock (which all of her children are)!!! My mother heard about it and got mad and said to the wife of my brother that she was wrong!! And that night I felt more pain than I had ever felt in my 33yrs of living.. The said mother of Baby Beauty drove those 4 hrs and walked Baby Beauty out of our lives.... I did the math and I know who to blame and hate but am I wrong cause she suffered as well???
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@Debs_place (10524)
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27 Sep 09
I am totally confused. This girl had a baby and an abortion but your mother adopted the baby but not really. You brother fathered 2 children then got married to a 3rd woman. What does math have to with this?
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28 Sep 09
1. yes, she had a baby then got pregnant again in less than 16 days. mother never filed for the adoption as planned(which is where she went wrong). 3. my brother fathered 2 children marrried the girl that gave the 11 day old baby away. 4. as for the math reference: adding it all up the only one to blame regarding my pain of losing the baby is my mother's because she should have followed through with the adoption process.
@Frederick42 (2019)
• Canada
28 Sep 09
A loving person cannot hate anybody, even for a good reason. That is because there are no good reasons to hate anybody. Somebody may hate us, but if we are loving, then we would feel compassion for him. By hurting us, the other person is bringing his spite out and that will be harmful for none other than him.