Nintendo wii or PS3

November 14, 2006 2:01am CST
Its safe to say the xbox 360 is gonna die, n the nintendo wii n ps3 will rule next gen. PS3 for it's graphics n the Wii for it's gameplay!! or is it????
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@ArsonCuff (3121)
• United States
14 Nov 06
Safe to say the Xbox360 is going to die? Do you really think Microsoft would let something they've invested so much time into die? X-box on-line is as strong and popular as ever for one...and 360 has not been out too too long and I am sure the will releases lnes of updated and or re-configured machinary to combat other machines...not to mention X-box 360 will drop in price first leaving the other expensive machines behind in sales. Wii...gameplay?..looks so stupid. Nintendo has been sliding downhill for years..the majority of people getting into Nintendo products are little kids or people into all that asian cutsey cartoon stuff...people want to play video games not hop around in front of their tv waving their arms so much Playstation 3 - has gone through so many lawsuits and bugs and issues in development, who the hell knows what kind of crappy problems the first wave of machines is going to have, same as X-box 360 when it came out...and does it end up having that blu-ray technology or not?...because now blue-ray isn't even going to be the superior there is a chip developed that can play both blue-ray and HD products together (which actually in the current market HDDVD technology is more profitable and being viewed as better quality by results) that there would put a limit on the machine from the get-go and would require yet another expensive rebuild to change All and all?...all three may have fun games and suit anyone...people who debate and combat video game systems are not true video gamers because a video gamer is all about playign and enjoying video games however they can no matter the name on the machine..enjoy and find the fun
• India
14 Nov 06
Well said!! but heres my view on this take, as far as xbox is concerned, they"ve pre-empted the market to such n extent, that YES they are the dominant gamin brand now! but... look at it this way, they did the same thing with the xbox? n it didn;t get them anywhere, the xbox was a much more superior console to the ps2 in all aspects, but what happened? Microsoft hasn"t learnt from the xbox mistakes, n continues to do it again.. xbox live is hyped! as far as i;m concenred, the PS3s online model will improve n will be free too.. MS is just looking to make a few bucks off this market..good for them anyway.. Nintendo, will be a diff ball game this time, i feel that their Wii could really pull off something.. i know it looks silly... the exact same thing was said, when ppl moved to the joypad from the joy stick of atari! its the same thing.. i think it will make a real differece in gameplay immersion.. even the ps3 controler has motion sensors, but why is it not being talked much about?? all in all, i still think the xbox will die out to the PS3 n wii.. when i say "die" i don't mean shut shop n go home, but they will be 3rd in line :) nice discussion mate!! cheers!