who will win between The Great Khali and Undertaker?

September 28, 2009 7:46am CST
Hi to all my lotters According to me Khali will win because he is much stronger than Undertaker but Khali is not so much active like Undertaker which is the biggest weakness of Khali.
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• China
28 Sep 09
i wish undertaker will win,but now he is getting old.i still believe undertaker can beat khali.
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@geebobuk (135)
28 Sep 09
I think Undertaker will win as he is a better all round athlete for someone who is so big. When I see Great Khali I think back to when the Giant Gonzalez was in WWE.
@sheetalnr (588)
• India
16 Oct 09
I think the Undertaker is a superior wrestler than the Great Khali. Undertaker is my pick.
@wwkeen (247)
• Malaysia
3 Oct 09
No doubt, Undertaker is much more talent and skillful compare with Khali. Khali seem like not so well use of his skill only more depend on his sizes. I be glad that Undertaker will win.
30 Sep 09
I know that, because Khali is Indian, I knew that you would go for him. Personally, Undertaker is much better - Fater, More Agile, Better tactically and has more respect with his peers and fans. Dont get me wrong, for comedy or putting much younger talent over, Khali is ok, but over the past 2 or 3 years he has proved he isnt that good. He is only good because of his size, and you also have to consider the fact that wrestling is scripted and pre-determined. So basically if it is said in a script that Undertaker will win, then he will, same for Khali although, the only real thing Khali has over 'taker is size, but Undertaker is big enough to kick jacksie (butt), and on all I have said, its definately Undertaker, yeah Undertaker is 45, but Khali is no "Spring Chicken" for lack of a better phrase.