Symphony with its pure charm attracts me a lot

September 28, 2009 8:44am CST
I have to admit that I used to be not interested in the symphony because of its rigidity I thought. For a young girl my age, she needs more lifeful music. So I guessed I would rather stand for more than two hours to see a wonderful and exciting concert than sit for less than five minutes to enjoy a symphony concert. But it has been changed since the music becomes worse and worse in the music circle around the world. The so-called music means nothing after it only remains melody. It can't touch my heart, not like symphony. I am not an expert in classical music, but I really feel the emotion the composer wanted to show, maybe it isn't very accurate, but I really feel sometihing, because it can touch my heart. That's the recent music can't give me. If the melody of a song can't touch people's heart, it can't be called music, it is just a group of notes which are placed together.
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• United States
28 Sep 09
You know, people will be surprised how much symphony is great music to listen too. Maybe it's because my son is in orchestra, but I started to enjoy it more. I am a person that can listen to anything regardless of if it's country, rap, soul, or classical.