Are You Addicted To \/\/.O.\/\/?

United States
September 28, 2009 6:36pm CST
Do you play world of warcraft everyday? Do you think your addicted to wow? How many hours a day do you spend playing world of warcraft? Tell us why you are so addicted to wow! And how long have you played? Did you play since the very beginning ever since wow first came out? Tell us with your comments below..
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• Australia
3 Oct 09
i used to play every moment i could... but i had to stop for school and now i am not addicted i just enjoy getting on for a little bit to much around 70 endgame was certainly the reason for my ongoing addiction
• United States
7 Oct 09
LOL Sparky The Monkey.. I like your ID name.. nice~ I have watched my friends play WOW for hours without taking a single break.. I use to get so bored watching them play.. I tried it one time at home and I remember dying and walking around as a spirit.. lol
• India
29 Sep 09
I am addicted to warcraft3 maps such as Dota, Foc,castle fight and naruto maps
• United States
29 Sep 09
LOL ah good ol' DOTA.. I use to play dota since the 8.34 version ever since dota first came out. I loved PUDGE, just getting people with the meat hook was too satisfying.. GET OVER HERE! haha But I was talking about the WORLD OF WARCRAFT the RPG.. but its all good you reminded me of dota.. Ahhh good times, good times.. :D
@nolipo (407)
• United States
11 Oct 09
Yes I play Wow everyday and yes I'm addicted. I play about 3-5 hours a day. The graphics are awesome and there such a variety of things to do. I have played almost since the beginning. Although I must admit I'm trying out Aion, and now my time is split between the two games.
• United States
28 Oct 09
I know Im a def wow addict, I spend most of the day playing, trying to work on my guild and my own characters is work man.. Also Im looking forward to the new expanison Woot!
@aeryna (2)
• United States
10 Nov 09
Yeah...I can admit I am addicted. I have 3 level 80s, one that is level 78 and several more on the way. I've played WoW for about 2 and a half years. Lately I've been averaging 5 hours or so a day. Personally its not so much the GAME thats addicting as playing with my guildies and doing the raids and dungeons together. Tho...I have to admit...ToC is instantly addicting just by itself. My guild automatically takes all new 80s to farm it until they are all epic out - BEFORE they even run heroics. I am hoping in the next patch that they have at least one more dungeon like ToC.
• New Zealand
19 Feb 10
Im not addicted :) I quit wow 2 years ago(it was easy). I had a lvl 70 undead rogue. The only reason I played was to have fun with my cousins but after they quit; it got boring -_-
• United States
1 Oct 09
I am an addict and I'm not afraid to speak of it even if I'm a women. But I pace myself so the game doesnt ruin my profound life.