Scholar settle a lawsuit

September 28, 2009 9:24pm CST
Have a countryman to talk about their own ambitions,said:"If I had 100 acres of rice fields'll be satisfied." Neighbor heard,heart health jealousy,he said:"If you have 100 acres of fields,I raised your 10000ducks,endured your rice." Thus,the two things on for some far-fetched Zhengnao endlessly,then scuffled with Yamen to go to complain to.They do not recognize Yamen,through a school,see the door is red walls on the servant Niuzhuo went inside.Just have a scholar in the lobby on the Duofang Bu.They thought it was magistrate lords,they kneel on the ground,the complaint situation. scholar scratched his scalp,said:"Why do not you buy one from fields come from a raised duck and wait for me to do an official,or give you hearing this case." Ask your friends to help me to say it contains philosophy of life.
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