do you have the politicians in mind to vote this election?

September 29, 2009 1:28am CST
this post mainly concerns Filipinos.may 2010 is fast approaching and i still don't have my president in mind to vote. i know it's too early but i wanna choose earlier since i had to keep track of the programs and plans of that soon to be the president. this time people will decide who will be the best man to run the country. The calls for changes are becoming far more widespread and have expanded beyond the officials who are considered part of the reform movement.years ago, many people embraced the idea of reform, but felt that it would never happen. But now, there are more people who feel the time has come and that something can be done now.How about you?do you have your president in mind to vote this election?
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@xannebull (1800)
• Philippines
29 Sep 09
yes i do, even though i am not yet fully registered in comelec i do have plans to vote politicians, those who have no bad reputations or accusations that have been reported. i have now a president to vote for the upcoming election and i just hope that i am right in voting him.
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• Philippines
2 Oct 09
you need to register yourself before oct 21. you can't vote if your registration is complete. i was the chairman of one of the precincts last election and comelec is very strict with registration.well, we need to have our list of politicians to vote for be ready to save time.
@jheLaichie (4438)
• Philippines
30 Sep 09
hhhmmm by now, i still do not have my choice. but maybe soon. i am not in a hurry as well. i just still need to see their propagandas and anything and everything else. but its hard to find the right one. just hope i could choose the good one and a lesser evil as well. jhelai