Dinner under 10 dollars for 4 people

United States
September 29, 2009 9:15am CST
Do you do this on a regular basis in your family? Most families consist of four or more people. Or maybe just not a family but more than four people in a household. apartment or wherever you live. Usually i am the one cooking in my family and even though there are only three of us and sometimes four if the boyfriend comes over to eat with me and my parents. I can do this under four dollars usually. Eating a spaghetti meal is under ten dollars because ground beef is not expensive and either is pasta or spaghetti sauce. You can also eat a taco dinner for under ten dollars is a possibility. I know the taco bell dinner kits are not expensive and then you do have to buy some extra things like shredded cheese but at walmart and the generic brand is under two dollars. Also you can get chicken breasts for not much these days too, and then a box of rice is not expensive and either is some squash for a vegetable. There are so many things you can make for a meal that costs you under 10 dollars. Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard or expensive.
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@climber7565 (2579)
• United States
11 Nov 09
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@xParanoiax (6997)
• United States
15 Oct 09
My family regular succeeds at spending four to five dollars on a meal for five of us. Mostly because we love making everything from scratch and it's alot easier to eat cheaply when you make everything you eat yourself. Non-name-brands helps alot too, of course. And our favorite price for everything is a dollar.
@taztheone (1725)
• India
29 Sep 09
It's very true that you can get good & healthy food even in a cheaper budget, but you must go to a trusted or a famous restaurant for the same. Even though I prefer home food, I do eat outside with my family & I would prefer a budget restaurant than an expensive one. Happy Lotting
@snowy22315 (98013)
• United States
29 Sep 09
Im sure most of my meals are under ten dollars, when I am eating at home i don't prepare expensive meals. I just think there are many meals you can make that don't cost an arm or leg. I like to make difffernt things hat are tasty. I just like many things that are available that don't cost very much to eat.