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September 29, 2009 4:42pm CST [i]In a whirlwind development, ABC has confirmed that Greg Vaughan will no longer be playing the role of Lucky Spencer. The actor's exit will allow the original Lucky, Jonathan Jackson, to return to the role he created in 1993. It's been ten years since the multiple-Emmy winner last appeared in Port Charles. Jackson reports to work this week. [/i] I don't think this is fair at all. Greg has made the role of Lucky his own. Jon has been gone 10 years for Heaven sake! It is not right to oust a great actor like that. I wish I had the ear of someone in power to protest. What do you think?
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1 Oct 09
That's horrible!! That's not fair to Greg! Is he leaving or are they not renewing? Just goes to show that employers don't give a rats about good work!! I am so disgusted with GH now anyway... just one more reason not to bother watching. That's just not right... unless Greg was leaving on his own. I saw today whtere Helena was a "prisoner" of someone and called Nickolas for help...I am SOOOOOOO not excited about this!!! Helena as anyone's prisoner or anywhere but on the top of the pile is all but sacreligious to the character's theme!!! No body gets Helena!!!! I can just see them now trashing that fantastic villaness! They need to hire other writers, the ones now are pathetic. First they write Max as being shot and might not walk again.. then say nothing about him!!!! Then the Lucky thing, and now trashing Helena... nope... don't see me and GH to have much going on in the future unless there are more Maxie/Spenilli nad Jason/Sam goings on!
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10 Nov 09
When my lil sis heard about the Lucky change, she thought that OTHER Lucky (who now plays J.R. on All My Children) was coming back, and she was all excited. When she realized it was Jonathan Jackson she was I was disappointed with the news as well. I liked the Lucky we just had. And he was HOT. The Lucky that is on now looks like a kid. It's a good thing that Sam and Elizabeth look young. Otherwise this Lucky would make them look like they 'robbed the cradle'
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29 Sep 09
I guess we should give a opportunity to the previous actor make his come back. he may be out for 10 years, but he knows how things work. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.