What is this book about?

United States
September 29, 2009 7:13pm CST
ok, so I read this book, I didn't analyze it too deeply so I feel like I'm missing the true meaning of the book. I get that he's a guy that travels and learns new things and meets new people that inlfuence his life ( and if I'm wrong there please correct me) but for some reason I think that there's a deeper meaning that I didn't catch because I didn't pay attention to it so much. I wasn't looking for a deeper meaning in the book, so I didn't find it. Does anyone think this book has a deeper meaning? If you do, what is it?
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• India
8 Nov 11
The book is all about dreams....your dreams.How you should always listen to your dreams. Life is all about fulfilling dreams.
@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
30 Sep 09
Hi! Welcome to myLot. Sure there is a deeper meaning in the book but there are lots of it. These meanings would be different for each person since people interpret things differently. But the main point of the book is that you really should just look around you. You might see the things/treasures that you are looking for elsewhere, when all this time it was right in front of you. That would be supported by the ending of the book, when he was directed to go back to where he started from and sure enough he did find the treasure, it was just that he was looking for it elsewhere that he had to go through all the hardships and misfortunes. Anyway, that's how I interpreted it.^_^