osama bin laden is alive or dead????

September 30, 2009 2:44am CST
terrorism is main concern of the world..one of most wanted terrorist is osama bin laden..some says that he is dead ,,,some says he is alive..and he is planning for another attack on america ..so wats ur thoughts about this ..is he alive or dead.....
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@Archie0 (4666)
30 Sep 09
Not unless his ghost or zombie keeps making those videos that experts worldwide agree are the real McCoy. It is believed that he is under the protection of the Pakistani Intelligence Service and is living in a city (can't remember which) just outside the tribal autonomous areas. The west in a tight spot where Pakistani co-operation is needed to fight the Taliban and little can be said that would not offend the PIS (who are basically outside the control of the government). The international co-operation has basically made it impossible for him to do anything other then be a cheerleader and al-Qaeda is now mainly isolated cells often with ideas on how to form the Islamic religious dictatorship independent of bin-Laden's. Basically, he's been marginalized and is being protected by "friends" of the west so one hears little about him.
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7 Oct 09
thnxxx. for ur post friend....... enjoy myloting