Pandorum....Oh My Goodness!!!

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September 30, 2009 2:44am CST
I went to the movie, Pandorum, with my sister and dad. OMG...It was the creepiest movie I've seen in a long time--the action, the acting, the suspense, the creatures....everything is so scary!!! Plus, in my opinion the creatures don't look like fake CGI (correct letters? lol) things...they look real and creepy! It stars Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. Both are really good in their roles. And the movie had a few bloody moments, which I don't like...but the movie wasn't full of them. So I only had to close my eyes a few times lol. If you are planning on seeing this movie, or have seen it, there's one little thing I'd like to add. There was ONE scene in the movie that stuck with me, my sister and my dad. We all agreed that it was the worst scene in the whole movie. And I don't mean worst as in it was done bad...I mean worst as in haunting/disturbing scene. So...if you have seen it or are going to see sure to share on here which scene you found the most disturbing! We can see how many people agree!!! so far 3 out of 3 agree! lol
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@DCLehnsherr (1041)
4 Oct 09
Hi Lily, Ahh so you have seen the movie. My brother and dad are thinking about seeing it this week so we checked out some trailers which seemed interesting. It appears to be a psychological thriller sort of movie, is that true? Or does it rely more on the monsters? I like movies that have some form of story running through them, like a mystery that is going to be revealed from the end, does this movie have something like that in it? I am just wondering because they invited me along but I wanted to make sure I wouldn't just be bored since horror movies aren't really my thing unless they play with the mind instead of just showering you with gore lol I am curious too, what happened in the really disturbing scene you hinted at? All the best and many thanks for doing this little review Dranz
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5 Oct 09
This movie defeniatly won't bore you!! There is some gore in it (i had to close my eyes a few times :P) but that's not all this movie is about. It's just a few short scenes of it. This movie is scary because of the creatures AND the suspense...the creatures are very creepy looking (especially the way they move, and the way you know they are coming)...but there is also a lot of suspense in this movie. And there is defeniatly a mysterious twist for you at the end! This movie does have a story and the end will get your blood going! lol I dont want to give away the movie, thats why i didn't say what the disturbing part was :P I want to see if people agree without bias. hehe