has anyone tried vampire wine or vampire vodka?

United States
September 30, 2009 7:26am CST
i was in new orleans and they were suppose to have had both of them there but everywhere was out of it. the tour guide said the vampire wine has animal blood mixed in with it and i dont know if i could handle drinking something that a poor little animal had to suffer for! i used to be a vegatarian for gosh sakes!! but the vodka i dont think would have any of that in it.. has anyone had any of the vampire wine or vodka? is there really animal blood in the wine? i wouldnt have believed it if the tour guide hadnt said it.. is there a way i can order it online?? is it worth it?
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@aprilsue00 (1991)
• United States
30 Sep 09
I have never heard of any of these drinks. They sound absolutely disgusting though. Ther is no way I would drink anything with animal blood in it. It seems like that would be very unsanitary. Not to mention I am sure there has to be diseases in these drinks. I don't even like my meat a little bloody. It has to be very well done before I would eat it.
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• United States
1 Oct 09
i rarely eat meat and it has to be well done so yeah when she said it was in there i freaked but im wondering if she was bs'ing about it to make it seem more interesting lol.. i would hope some one has to monitor where they get the blood and that its ok but who knows