Make friends in a new enviroment...

September 30, 2009 11:21am CST
Hi, everyone, recently I moved to a new plcae to live, new city, new house and new enviroment. My old friends are all far away from me and we can only contact with each other by phone or internet. Sometimes, I felt lonely here. In the weekend, I prefer to stay at home instead of walking out. I don't want to go out alone. I miss my friends very much. I think I should make new friends here, but I don't know how to do that. can you help me? Thanks. Or sharing your opinions.
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• United States
1 Oct 09
I would suggest not spending so much time in your house get out and meet people. Go downtown or to a shopping area. I moved a little over a year ago from the town I had lived in all my life and I just found things that I was interested in and began doing those things. I joined a dog walking club. I found a church and got active. I got out with my camera in the park and started taking pictures and soon found people who also like taking pictures. The key is to just get out. Staying in your house you are not going to meet new people and you are going to become more sad and depressed and lonely
• China
2 Oct 09
Hi, jenny, thanks very much for your suggestion. I will try to go out and meet new people tomorrow. Thanks, good luck.
• United States
2 Oct 09
Good luck to you on your new adventure tomorrow. What is that you enjoy doing? And are you going to do that tomorrow so hopefully you will meet people with the same interests