Lifestyle llift face lifts in VA & PA

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November 14, 2006 2:46am CST
I'm looking for a discussion of at least two patients who had lifestyle lift face lifts with complications; one in VA and the other in PA. One complained of her ear becoming detached at the base after her surgery when she followed the drs. orders to massage the area. She was offered a complete refund of $4000. Aside from the disappointment from a few of the patients, there were also postings from other patients describing very positive experiences with very skilled and talented surgeons at Lifestyle Lift Centers. The information was informative. I can't find those discussions anywhere online again. If anyone out there knows of these discussions or forums, PLEASE! I am eager to read them again so I can make some very important decisions ASAP.
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15 Nov 06
I had the lifestyle lift in PA last FEB. I had complications with an infection that lasted for months and was a nightmare. Drainage tubes had to be placed and I was on antibiotics for months. The doctor told me he could fix it with more surgury but I am afraid he will make it worse.I have been informed that there may be a law suit against the dr. and plan to investigate. I had my eyes done at the same time. I can see the scar under the eye and they are not uniform ( I was told they would not be seen. I do see decent results in the neck but over all I am not happy with what I had to go through and the results. there is a ssmall portion of my ear near my face that is now missing. I still have numbness and knots behind my ears and small lumps in front of the ear. Would I do it
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3 Dec 06
Godiva, I just spent a long time wording/rewording a response to you, but somehow it flipped off the screen. So. . . I don't know if you got it or not. I'll start over. First of all, thank you for responding. Your experience sounds just awful. I hope you've recovered and are doing well by now. Yours may have been the online story I've been looking for. There is so much really pertinent information that I want to re-read it, but I can't find it. In that same article there was also another story of a woman who had her procedure done at the Reston, VA Lifestyle Lift site with the same or similar results as you. The founder of the LSL corp., Dr Kent, was quoted in the article as saying he would refund the full amount of the procedure to one or both of the ladies mentioned. Does any of this sound familiar? Were you one of the two women discussed here? If so, where was it posted online? As I'm sure you've already guessed, I'm eager to find that site again with these stories. Any help you can give me, may help me do that. I hope it won't take me three weeks to find your response again. I'm new to this site and just now finding my way around it. Thank you again. I hope you were one of the ladies who got a refund. -ab
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20 Dec 06
I would really like to hear from anyone who knows more about this. I would like to know how to contact the dr. (I can't remember his name) who started this whole deal, as I am considering a lawsuite. I am having a problem with my ear also. They have restitched it once, with no result, so i have to go have it done AGAIN. I'm having other problems as well, as I also had the eyelift. I look worse now than before, and I do not feel they should have accepted me as a patient. I work closely with the public in entertainment and this is a real problem for me! This procedure apparently is best for those who really have jowl and "turkey neck" problems, which I did not. (Not being insensitive here; just need to be descriptive.) I do NOT recommend anyone do an eyelift with them, and highly caution anything but the most basic. If you want to hear more about my complications, please contact me.