Do you ever forget to flush the toliet?

United States
September 30, 2009 4:30pm CST
I forget to flush the toliet sometimes. It can be habit forming. It is not polite to do but sometimes I forget. I just can't help forgetting. I do not mean to do it. I feel embarassed when other have remind to do it or someone has to do after I have already went. It really is a nasty habit I can not control sometimes. I am going to try and not so it so often.
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4 Sep 10
I do to omg Im driving my self crazy I forgot like 3 months ago and my roommate had to remind Im still soooo embarrassed and of all times. :___( I feel like a nasty person I dont want them to think that of me I cant believe I forgot I guess because I was gonna be late to class and I was thinking but that no excuse.
@TheCatLady (4695)
• Israel
6 Nov 09
I never forget, but when I'm alone in my house I flush every other time I pee to save water. We are only allowed 25 gallons a day per person. If we use more we get fined by having a much higher water bill. I don't want to pay a huge amount for water, so I don't always flush. I also use grey water from my washing machine in the garden to save water.
@laydee (12809)
• Philippines
15 Oct 09
Oh, that indeed is a nasty habit and a bad one at that. It shows that you are not conscious of your things and shows that you don't care about the next person who's going to use it. It's really sad that many people have that problem too. It usually starts at home, when you are used to having someone flush for you, you tend to take it with you as you grow and it ticks many people like me. I think you should remind yourself that, it'll take a while before it becomes automatic or a habit to flush again, but you know you need to remember this. Good luck!
@k1tten (2320)
• United States
1 Oct 09
Guilty. I have forgotten to flush the toliet before. It's not that it's become habit that I've forgotten, it's mostly that's it's just every once in a while. I'm not the only one though. My partner has forgotten. But eveyone forgets every so often so that's not a problem.
@Newpal (154)
• India
30 Sep 09
Yes,I always flush the toilet after using it.I like to keep my toilet clean and hygienic.I forget to flush sometimes when I am in a hurry.Also sometimes some user go without flushing and so it becomes necessary for me to flush it before using.Yes, it is really embarassing when someone reminds us to do that.
@doormouse (4619)
30 Sep 09
i always flush apart from at night coz our loo is quite loud and i don't want to wake my youngest up,even though he's 8 he still wakes once a night and does'nt go back to sleep straight away,which leaves me very tired the next day,so i'll do anything to keep him asleep