To buy or not to buy

September 30, 2009 10:42pm CST
Hi mylotters! I need your advise. Finally, my daughter will be coming over to stay with me and my husband here in Singapore. She is now more than a reay already and this is the only time that we can be together as a family. My mother in-law will take care of her as both me and my husband are working. Needless to say, we are excited to prepare all things for her upcoming arrival. We are just apprehensive though if we still have to but a stroller and the crip as we are not sure if it will still be utilized fully. My fellow mylotter's mom, your thoughts please?
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@williamjisir (22900)
• China
16 Oct 09
Hello friend. I am a fellow mylotte's father. lol. Well, my brother-in-law bought a stroller and after using for a few months, it is now placed in the basement. But it really offered them a lot of convenience because they used it a lot when the baby was small although the baby is just one year old. So I think that it depends on how much you would like to use it. I did not buy one for our baby son though.
• Singapore
17 Oct 09
Thanks William for your comment. My husband and I agreed that we just wait first for my daughter to come here and actually let her try first to sit on the stroller if she will like it. It is such a waste of money if we bought it now and later find out that our daughter don't really like to be tied in there. However, we bought the crib already this week as it will still be used when she is sleeping so my mother-inlaw who will look after her can do other things while she's sleeping.
• China
17 Oct 09
Yeah, a crib is very good for the baby to sleep and play in as it is more practical. I also have a colleague who has a eleven-month-old baby girl, who does not like to sit in the cart for baby to learn to walk. She does not buy one for her baby. So what is the use of having one if the baby does not like to be placed in it? I think that it is wise of you not to buy one so soon.