money money money...!!!

October 1, 2009 2:12am CST
what is the real defination of money according to you??? In my preference money is anything that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts. The main function of money is distinguised as to a medium of exchange any kind of goods or for stored net value and for numerous kinds of things and accomodities.In life, if you have money than you can do many things but if you don't have money than you have to think once before you spent money for small or for expensive products...
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@aylim14 (501)
• Philippines
1 Oct 09
wow, a great definition of money. I haven't heard of that since i was in elementary where they teach you what the things are in the world. And yeah, its primarily used as a medium of exchange. It's like a substitute to the "real" money we have which is stored in banks - gold. Unlike before, they use to barter and exchange real goods, but now they installed a system that runs with money, or basically paper with different denominations. well, nowadays, money is also used as a status symbol and a sign of power. people with money usually get what they want because of, i don't know, a corrupt system or a corrupt populace. That's for another topic, eh? But personally, money is basically something you need to be able to live and function properly in society, for without it, you become an outcast and will not be able to do the things you have to do like buying food, etc.