Parenting: boy or girl easier?

@2timothy (794)
October 1, 2009 7:24am CST
Is raising a boy more difficult than raising a girl? Please share your personal experience.
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@dorannmwin (36654)
• United States
1 Oct 09
I'm a parent of one girl and one boy. My daughter is almost seven years old and my son is three years old. They are both difficult in their own way. For my daughter, the difficulty comes in the fact that she wants to do thing that older girls do. She wants to wear makeup and have the best clothes and she is basically superficial. With my son, it is more difficult to me in a lot of ways. Perhaps a part of it is because he is still young, but I really think that a lot of the difference between him and my daughter is because of the fact that he is a boy. He is extremely active and trys to get into everything that he possibly can. He climbs all the time and we've even had to put a lock on the refridgerator so he doesn't get in there and empty it out. Though both of my children are still young, I really think that during the early years it is more difficult to raise a boy while once they get older, it will be more difficut to raise a girl.
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@2timothy (794)
• Philippines
30 Nov 09
Girls generally grow faster than boys both physically and psychologically. They start to talk before age 1 while boys after age 1.
@nautilus33 (1831)
11 Oct 09
Raising a boy is more easier than raising a girl. The boys need less stuffs for their raising. And when the girls grow up they need so much cosmetics and some other stuffs that the boys don't need( of course not all the girls).:))
@Calais (10899)
• Australia
1 Oct 09
I have 2 boys and 1 girl...But for me Id rather raise 20 boys ...LOL !!!