If we stop complaining...

October 1, 2009 10:37pm CST
This is a topic I've discussed with my friends not long ago, I keep wondering until now that can we "stop" complaining? I think this is just like laziness, you like it or not, it's one of the human nature. We can control it, but can't "stop" it. What's your opinion?
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@Graceekwenx (3162)
• Philippines
2 Oct 09
i honestly dont like it when i hear someone complaining. You are right. It is traceable to laziness. My point is, why can't you try it first before you start complaining? It could also be that some people dont want to try anything new or dont want to change at all. There is always resistance. I, for one had been guilty of this. My boss threw a hell of a report to me on top of my routine toxicity. She gave me instructions that this is what i want... blah blah... blah... Haay.. I did not complain really but my eyebrows were really starting to meet and my forehead were starting to get really wrinkly. I was overwhelmed at what she wanted me to do. I wanted to complain but i had no choice. I had to do it. Next thing i know, i enjoyed doing the report. It was hard gathering all the figures and the analysis but it really paid off.
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• United States
9 Oct 09
Complaining, in my opinion, is a lot like worrying. In both cases, you are wishing for something to be different/well, but also you aren't doing anything about the situation yourself. People who complain about nearly everything seem to always be the ones who are alone and have no one to talk to in public situations...and no wonder. It's irritating to sit and have to listen to a pessimistic person drain the goodness out of life at every opportunity. I used to be a complainer. A whiner. A "why me? Why does it ALWAYS happen to me?" kind of person. That's when I realized: whether I complain or not, things happen. Life doesn't always go perfectly, which is great, because then it doesn't get boring. Why complain if it does nothing? Why worry if the end result won't be any different by doing so? I believe complaining/blaming/whining or pessimism in general can be stopped by a person's will, but only because I've done it. Otherwise it would seem like a fairy tale. I accepted life as it was and decided why complain if there's someone else in the world who has it worse? Why complain if I can do something now to make this better? Why complain if it simply won't do any good? Obviously there are still situations that come up that try to get my mind to waver...I had a two month period where I had adopted two kittens who weren't potty-trained and peed on a brand new couch I had sat on twice before and ruined it (and did the same thing to my bed, nearly ruining that), while a mortgage for my house wasn't going through because I had to wait on government systems (for a half year), I was getting constant phone calls from friends and family members because I'd just gotten married and was getting settled (and I can't stand talking on the phone), plus three billion other things irritating me or just going wrong, as it seemed, and life was testing me. For everything that I could find a complaint about, I forced myself to think of two positives. Every single thing. The cats have ruined the couch? I'm so lucky and fortunate to have the money to replace it. I'm grateful I have a place of residence where I can keep a couch. The mortgage needs to be put on hold to get that first time home buyer's credit? Heck, at 21 years old, I'm doing better than most people double my age by being able to afford the house in the first place! And since I'm so young, so what if I have to wait 6 months? Some people don't own a house their entire lives. It is through pure willpower and motivation that I have become happy in life and stopped being the type of person I now feel sorry for. I think it is human nature, yes; but I believe we can stop it by learning to control it.
@Hatley (164094)
• Garden Grove, California
5 Oct 09
hi huanran yes i think its really part of being a human being but we can sure try to be happy and not a soured' embittered person complaining about every little thing. 'It is actually easier to be happy instead of storing' up bitterness and hate.smile and the world smiles with you, hate and you will be very lonely indeed.
@maezee (41758)
• United States
3 Oct 09
I agree; I think all humans essentially have something to complain about. But in a way.. I think we CAN control it - in a way. Or at least, we can control how we appear to others. I think it's annoying when people constantly complain and can never seem to look on the bright side of things. I think we can avoid becoming cynical and appearing rude to others. Even if we have complaints, COMPLAINING isn't going to do much. Taking action or responding in a proactive way is probably the better option.