The Drop Dead Dive is not only funny, but meaningful

October 2, 2009 1:33am CST
If you haven't seen this drama, I will tell you plots of it. Deb, a natural model, she had a handsome fiance who loves her a lot. But it has been changed until the day she died. Due to some mistakes, she relived, but in a fat and professional lawer. So she gets a new name, Jane, and a new life. With Jane's acknowledge and her enthusiasm, she helps various people and herself.The most interesting, her fiance, Grayson, comes to her company to work. This drama, not only looks great, but makes me think something. How many chances can we get to change our lives? It should be said that, how many people can see clearly what their lives are in before they have time to change. Like Deb, if she didn't live in Jane's body, she won't understand how meaningless her former life was. She lose a skiny body, but her life is much more enriched than before. I have to say Deb is fortunate, because she has a chance to understand what her former life was and change it. Many people aren't as fortuante as Deb, they even don't see clearly before they die, not to mention changing their lives.
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@fishpool (186)
• China
5 Oct 09
i am enjoying this drama .yes,it's so interesting and meaningful that i like it badly.And i also want to study english by this drama.I hope to get the one with englshi title,and want to know whether you have the source like that,if you have ,can you contract me?
@maezee (42028)
• United States
24 Jun 12
I liked this show a lot. I watched the entire first season in like 1 week. . I haven't seen the rest, but I am sure I will catch up on them eventually. I like how there is always a moral to the story, and it's a pretty funny show!
@AmbiePam (77278)
• United States
3 Oct 09
When I first heard about this show, I thought it would be corny. Lifetime doesn't do the most compelling original dramas in the world after all. At least not to me. But I figured it had to be at least a little funny with Margaret Cho in the supporting cast. But I happened to catch a few episodes. I love it! Brooke Elliot is hilarious. I wish she would be looked at for an Emmy possibility. But shows like that never get recognized.
@magic9 (980)
• China
2 Oct 09
I've never heard or watched this drama before. But the plot is ok with me. so if possible I would take a look at this. one thing I couldn't agree more is that we all would value our lives more if we had a second chance to survive in this moral world. I want to yell to god and godess that moral people need a second life, we all want to be a changed better person to lead a more meaningful life.