How do you think about the spectacular parade held in China on its National Day?

October 2, 2009 3:41am CST
In the first place, I should declare I am a boy from China, so I watched the whole complete parade yesterday. It's past description or incredible even for me, a China guy. I felt the same way about two months ago when Beijing successfully held the Olympic Game. The magnitude and ingenuity of both of the activities were seldom seen for the next time. I made pround of my country, I'm pround of being a Chinese when I saw solidarity established between different districts. I do believe China will have a cheerful prospect and make more contributions to the world's development of peace. But we still have many problems waiting for solutions, poverty, resources, environment and so all. So do you ever visit China? Do you ever have the idea to know more about this oriental country? Do you consider it to be a threat or a reliable friend? Just leave your opinions here.
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@harshadod (858)
• India
2 Oct 09
I had a glimpse of the parade and i must congratulate. Is it true that the normal Chinese citizen was not able to see the parade 'live' in real. China is progressing and i appreciate the work being done. Is the average Chinese happy with the communist rule? Is free speech allowed? Economic development is very important but equally or more so democracy. Any individual does better under competition, is the competitive spirit supported? The military parade should always be a parade and hope never an opportunity comes to use those armamentarium. At the first opportunity i would like to come to China.
• China
2 Oct 09
hi, buddy, thank your for your comments. And I'll answer your questions to the best of my knowledge. In fact, I don't clearly get your meaning that whether the normal Chinese citizen was not able to see the parade live in real. It occurred to me that lots of journalists were invited to diffuse the news concerning the grand parade to all over the world, let alone the normal Chinese citizen, right? The second one is kinda difficult, Chinese leadership consider the regime as socialism, not the communism, the latter one is the highest goal in the theory. But we can draw a great number of analogies between China and India, market economy, free speech, religion and so on. The conspicuous difference now is the regime, but you know, it's hard to probe it to depth. Free speech is limited to some extent, but I believe there isn't one country which allow the citizen to say anything they pleased. Competition is keen in China now, there is a great progress in this aspect during the last decade. If you want to know more about China, what the famous saying goes, seeing is believing, so welcome to China!