Why do people hurt the one's they love?

October 2, 2009 9:49am CST
hello to all:) The people whom we love the most,are the one's who hurt us .In my life the person who makes me the happiest before now hurting me badly.IT is because of me ,my best friend left me alone..now she never talks to me.I really feel bad because i hurt her badly.It was all my fault:(..she trusted me a lot,we used to talk everyday and night..we were best buddies but now everything is over between us.I know i am little possessive about my friends and because of that i lost a gem from my life..[:(] Here, you can share your views and also i would like to know why dis happens?why do people hurt the one's they love?
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• India
2 Oct 09
people hurt the one's whom they love out of their fear of getting hurt by them.you don't want to lose them and get hurt so you in turn get possessive about them.but no one ever likes to compromise one's freedom so they get hurt out of your behaviour .finally your own insecurity makes your worst nightmare a reality.all you can do now is to ask for forgiveness from her and give her time to do so.do not rush her in.
• India
2 Oct 09
hello neo thanks for your valuable comment.. yes, you are absolutely correct..this is what happened with me.. i really regret now:(
• United States
14 Oct 09
With regular friends, things aren't taken as seriously. You view their actions as moderately severe. However, if a really close friend or family member has helped you through tough times, etc., then you view them as extremely important. Everything they do to you and you do to them/with them is viewed at a heightened state. So, when something bad happens you exaggerate it. it affects the person that much more because of how close you are. You want to be with this person for the rest of your life. If something is a detrement (sp?) to that relationship then you feel as though it could really end things. I've had some incredibly devastating events occur directly to me, and they were caused by close friends. If it's really that significant and the actions did that much damage then there isn't a lot you can do. It's up to the victim of those actions. I usually give people a second chance but if the damage is unrepairable then it was their fault. I've also been guilty of this. Sometimes you say the wrong thing at the wrong time, or you just are at the wrong place at the wrong time. At any rate, my actions deeply affect people that are close to me. If they are negative actions then I'll accept what I deserve. You wish you could take it back but what is said and done can't be replayed and re-recorded. It's set in stone and that's the hardest thing to accept. I'm sorry to hear that this has happened to you and my heart goes out you. Some things, however, shouldn't ever be let go. Have fun, love life!
@bettydeng5 (1709)
• China
6 Oct 09
Hi,subhod, I can understand your feeling, don't be sad. Did you made a wrong thing for her? I think first of all you need be request her forgave, because you just said you hurt her first, so it's most important that you say sorry to her, maybe she will forgive you. pls try it.