Do you prefer natural scenery or cutural attraction?

October 2, 2009 11:12am CST
Nowadays more and more people travel to different destinations for different reasons. As far as we know, there are two main kinds of sceneries: natural scenery and cutural attraction. The former includes mountains and seas, and the latter includes historic buildings and ruins. Different people have different interests towards sceneries. So which do you prefer and what's your reason?
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• China
4 Oct 09
It denpends on everybody himself.In my younge age,I like travel to natural scenery,but now I like to visite the places include historic buildings and ruins.However,the best placeto take a visite to is the place who includs both.
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• Philippines
2 Oct 09
I prefers to watch the natural scenery because it is not yet artificially altered by human hands likes the other attractions where it is develop and made by man. While natural scenery is the best and it is not artificially made one could enjoy its amazing beauty and never get bored as you get more closer attune to natures.
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