Do you buy any manga books

@Swadey (220)
October 2, 2009 12:39pm CST
Those of you who love anime do you buy the manga books? i used to buy manga all the time but i have not been buying any latly i have alot of the bleach manga and the naruto manga but i just one day stop buying the maga. are ther any magas that you like and that you buy? or do you not buy any manga at all in if so why not? is there a reson you buy it? and a reson you dont? Happy Mylotting!
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@xParanoiax (6997)
• United States
16 Feb 10
I buy Legend of Basara mangas on occasion, when I can find them for a couple bucks. I just like the story, and the anime for it was cancelled back in the this is the only way I can have the story in its entirety.
• Australia
16 Oct 10
• Canada
30 Oct 09
I read a little bit of manga. Although, at this point, I haven't read one in a while. The types of manga I like to read are comedic ones. (If I don't read something funny, I tend to fell sleepy after reading just a little bit.) And, no, I don't buy any manga books. I just read them online. The reading process is a little slower since each page has to be loaded, but at least it's free. I mean, if you want the whole series on a particular anime, it's going to get quite pricey if you buy them all.
@saizo6 (2208)
• United States
6 Oct 09
I've drastically cut back on my manga hoarding. Last time I counted, I had over 500 volumes of manga. I used to buy at least four or five volumes a month but I'm just too strapped for cash to do that now. Plus, some of those series, especially the Shounen Jump ones, are way too long. I don't really want to try and catch up on those, it's too spendy. I'd be lucky if I even get one volume a month these days. A lot of these new series coming out doesn't interest me enough to make me buy the manga.
@animestan (323)
• Canada
6 Oct 09
I usually dont purchase books period. I just dont go to bookstores, read a few books and choose which ones look good. I usualy purchase my mangas while I am attending a convention.
• Indonesia
4 Oct 09
well, I do buy manga in the past, like dragon ball, doraemon, samurai deeper kyo, shaman king, magister negi magi, yu-gi-oh!, one piece, and many more. . . all of them are quite complete in the series. . . but new recently, I rather read online, -_-, except there a single series manga that only one book it ends and a compiled series of manga in 1 book like a thick manga, in my country it's like shonen magz, shonen star and so on, LoL hey, it's a good feeling when the manga is in a solid shape rather in data, so why not buying manga? LoL
• Australia
3 Oct 09
I bought some naruto manga whilst i was visiting the UK and thouroughly enjoyed it, however it is to expensive to purchase large amounts