When it come time to Retire from what you love doing, would you?

@yparson (582)
United States
October 2, 2009 1:27pm CST
Some folks have jobs that they love doing and don't see it as work and don't care to retire from it. Examples, a Singer, an Actor, A Teacher(a few), Coaches. I'm sure there are many more that I haven't named. I'm a Real Estate Agent and I work from home and I love what I do. I also make money online so I don't think I would retire from either one because of the flexibility it provides. How about you, would you retire from doing what you love doing?
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• Australia
5 Oct 09
We sold our sugar cane farm and retired about 12 years ago. However, I continued with the voluntary work in children's ministry I have been engaged in for many years and I have no intention of retiring. I work long hours writing lessons, programs, workshops, training materials etc, designing promotional materials and doing general secretarial work. I travel a lot, often long distances, to conduct training seminars and to administer holiday clubs. This sometimes involves a week of almost no sleep - just 4 hours a night and hectic days. Sometimes I wonder why a 73 year old woman is doing this, but I know the answer. I love doing what I do, and while my God continues to give me the ability, I will continue.
@limcyjain (3519)
• India
3 Oct 09
I am a in the business of yarn manufacturing and i dont intend to retire. I would rather like to take my business to new heights. Even when my children are grown up and capable of managing business i would be there in the backseat to guide them and oversee that the decisions taken are in the best interest of the firm.
• Boston, Massachusetts
2 Oct 09
i love doin my job... conducting trainings and consultancy jobs but when it's time for me to retire i am ever willing to give it up. i already have my retirement plan as early as today (two more decades hehehehe) and there's one thing i love doing that i can still continue doing... crocheting! it's a hobby but a productive hobby for me. i know aside from my monthly retirement fee i will have an additional income from doing crochet! but i will be forever a social worker and a special mom to my special kids and family... no retirement for them! i am looking forward for this day to come i will be a full-time wife and mom.