Do you like cosplays?

@codris (781)
October 2, 2009 2:26pm CST
Hi everyone! i like to make cosplay, and watch them! so do you like cosplays? have you ever make a cosplay? would you like to make one?
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@soulist (2985)
• United States
22 Feb 12
I love to cos-play. It is so much fun and I have made several friends while cos-playing. Some I met from cos-playing characters from the same series or cos-playing a character people haven't seen often. I've made both of my cosplays and I am making my future ones as well.
@lady1993 (27131)
• Philippines
2 Oct 11
I like cosplays too, it's really fun watching people dress up as different anime characters...especially those who go all out and look good with them. I can't really make one, but i'd love to wear costumes.
• China
3 Oct 09
i also like cosplay. And i would like to make a cosplay but i don't ever have a chance. it's interesting i think.
@beeduzhe (138)
• China
3 Oct 09
A good cosplay will attract many eyes,indeed,but I don't think there are so many good cosplays or I haven't seen the so-called good cosplay.I think sometimes the real man wearing the same clothes will do harm to the real cartoons and animations in my mind...No matter how I think they will never look like the characters drawn on the paper and the cosplayers have no big eyes no long colourgul hairs and no baby face... Actually,I don't like cosplay very much...more over I think it's not worth to dress like the nonexist people... beeduzhe
@sushie93 (1355)
• France
22 Feb 10
I like cosplays but i don't cosplaying cause i don't know how to make one and i can't wear it daily just in conventions and i never go at this type of places so... xD But if i have to make one, i will male Yuna or Rikku from Final Fantasy X, or Yuffie from FFVII, haha love FF. And maybe Alice in Wonderland too. ^^
@Raimei (30)
• United States
12 Jul 11
I LOVE cosplay! I've only made one, and I'm actually in the middle of working on my second (Rokudou Mukuro, from Katekyo Hitman REBORN) but I've also ordered a few costumes off the internet, and I just compiled my first Goodwill cosplay! (Yoite, from Nabari no Ou) I cosplay every time I go to a con, even if I borrow one from a friend. I'm waiting for San Japan in San Antonio,TX, August 5-7th, if anyone else is going! :D
@Tantrums (945)
• Philippines
2 Oct 09
I used too, during my college times though when we were carefree and die hard anime fans. I miss cosplaying. I don’t have time to make a new costume. Its fun to meet some cosplayers. And you will learn some anime that you never heard before only at the convention. My family is against it since I’m too old for that (not that old though). But why should I stop? I love to play dresses and I do love to make some dress. I tag my niece when I cosplay just to make them accept with what I do. They said this things are for youngster. That just made me sad. At least in your situation they just don’t understand the fun cosplaying is to other people. Argg! If only my wife can understand and hopefully we can join the Japan expo next year...