What silly things do your dog do?

@jugsjugs (13038)
October 2, 2009 6:27pm CST
I have three dogs,two are labradors and the other well shes a mongrol.My dog likes out pressure hose and sad as it sounds he loves it when we wash our garden down,he loves to get soaked with that pressure and he will not stop barking until he has had a wash down as well as a run around with the pressure hose himself.
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• Philippines
16 Oct 09
My dog likes to lick my feet when it see that it is wet. When we are eating they are the ones who are excited and they like to watch us having dinner. When we are watching horror films they moved away, it is not because they are afraid, but they don't like the screaming whenever we are afraid. My dogs have their own pillow and blanket and they are sleeping together with my mother in here bed. They know what is their pillow or blanket look like, so when their pillows were switch one dog will find it difficult to be a peace and will only annoyed the other one just to get its own pillow and blanket. My dog also drink coffee, whenever I am having a breakfast they will wait for my coffee, so I never finish it, I give the last zip to them.
• Philippines
8 Oct 09
my dog love to swim in a cold water flood
@jc_star10 (954)
• Indonesia
5 Oct 09
Silly things that my dog did, well she will run after any ball that come to her...LOL. Or she love to sleep in bed, and when she is already in bed, she like to shake her body for no reason, i don't know why, just shake it from side to side, and jumping for no reason.. I always laughed at her when seeing that, and she looked really love it.
• India
4 Oct 09
I was a pet owner, but i'm not now. I had a dog at home which was really crazy about barking for nothing. You usually expect your pet dogs to bark when there's someone entering your area. But this one always used to bark whenever there's no one around. May be it's because it wanted to show its loneliness and frustration being inside the cage for so long. It used to keep on jumping unnecessarily inside the cage up and down, to and fro with no use! Whenever i let it out, it had a tendency to run away from us always than to be with us and did so once and for the last time. We haven't seen it ever after.
• Philippines
3 Oct 09
I and my husband love dogs.We have two dogs a female and male..they're really cute when they are small. We named them BAMBI and NOAH.We got them from my office because we have lots of dogs there so I brought them in my house..First is Bambi, but we decided to add one more dog so that's Noah.They like each other..they bite and love to run and run around the house.
@Fulltank (2894)
• Philippines
2 Oct 09
During rainy days, my dog loves to get wet and runs on our bed early on the morning to wake us up. A very effective way of getting people to rise on their feet. And very annoying too.