Get those little grey cells working... do your soul good.

@manong05 (5029)
October 2, 2009 9:44pm CST
I am speaking of sitting down in front of your screen thinking of what discussion to post and how to put them into words. To some people it may come naturally but to some like myself, I need to put extra effort. Many of us are not native English speakers and this may complicate the problem but I find out that it really helps me a lot. A good mental and intellectual exercise indeed. Any thoughts on this?
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@Hatley (164226)
• Garden Grove, California
3 Oct 09
hi manong05 yes indeed we do need to get the little grey' cells working, as Hercule Poirot would have said ,do you by any chance read Agatha Christies books? anyway my thoughts on this are that I see a lot of fine discussions by non english speaking people here and they seem to get' better over time too. It has to be hard to learn English as it is even hard for us born here to learn it while we are growing up as we have so many exceptions to the rules'in ou r language. he he he. I have to sit for a few minutes to organize how I am going to say what I want to make a discussion about. Usually I find an idea all of a sudden spurred by someone else's' discussion and often write it down then edit it and rewrite before I hit the post discussion tab.
@manong05 (5029)
• Philippines
3 Oct 09
I am one of A. Christie's fan too. Are you talking about Ten Little Indians, Murder in Mesopotamia, Murder in the Orient Express, Miss Marples, And then there was none. The other titles just slipped my mind. Yes, it's amazing how ideas come and how one sparks to another. You appear to be having lots of fun too. LOL Thanks.