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@AniruS (257)
United States
October 2, 2009 10:59pm CST
I have an ipod (3rd generation) and I am thinking of replacing it with the new Microsoft Zune HD instead of a new ipod. I do not think that ipods are of superior quality when compared to zune or other top brand mp3 player. On more thing that ipod lacks is the support for radio. Do you think zune hd can replace ipod touch as the "to go" mp3 player in its class?
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@mathos17 (68)
• Canada
21 Dec 09
My answer : Without no doubt. I bought one and it's really awesome. I like it way better than my Ipod touch for a lot of reasons. The screen quality is better, the battery lasts longer, the sound quality is better, the earphones they give are way better and I prefer the Zune program, I didn't really like Itunes. In my opinion, the Zune HD is way better than the ipod touch, the only thing it doesn't have that the ipod touch has, it's all the apps. In my opinion, most of them were really stupid. The zune has like 9 games, but they're all really fun to play. I prefer having 9 quality games, than a million bad. On the other hand, The zune HD has the radio, which the ipod doesn't have and it has an HD output which make up for the lack of apps, in my opinion. That's just what I think, hope I helped you.
@AniruS (257)
• United States
22 Dec 09
agree with you. Moreover I also feel that ipod is hyped up.