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October 3, 2009 11:36am CST
When children grow up and the mother or father correct them, they start hating them to the extent of living their homes and never to return.How much you love them, for them to walk away does not harm them at all. The parents are broken and the eyes and ears are always eagerly waiting to hear and see them come home. myLot crowd whats your opinion? I wish I could have everybody to give their opinion so that I could consol myself.
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10 Oct 09
well sometimes them being stupid and stuber makes them grow up it make them learn from there mistakes yes we do keep our eyes and ears open but i bet if any thing happen to mom or dad they would be there. and if any thing happen to them don't you think they would give some one your phone number. there is no place like home and my mother always said once a mother or father always a mother and father you dont need to consol your self they will come around time is the healer.
@bird123 (10484)
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9 Oct 09
KIDS! Gotta love them!!! As children get to be teenagers, they start to develop, fly the coop syndrome. The closer they get to the time they need to leave home, the less they will agree with anything you say. If you did a good job up until then, you have no worries. They all come back. If there are other reasons, then it's time to take action. Start loving them unconditionally!!! If they won't come to you, go to them. If they are adults, do not attempt to rule or control them, just love them unconditionally. If you wish to influence them, know that unconditional love always gets through where force and control will leave them wanting their freedom.
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3 Oct 09
If the children loved you before-they still do.It's stubborn pride or hurt feelings that make them stay away.I have 5 grown children and I don't see all of them very often as they live far away.But even when I've corrected them,and they get mad-they all will call or write to me.Sometimes it takes them awhile,but when my oldest daughter got mad at me-she told me a year later that she always missed me-just was too prideful to call. Once they are grown,or think they are,they feel they are the ones who are right but eventually they will realize it doesn't matter who was right-only the love for you and yours for them is what counts. Maybe you could write to them and just say I love you to them.