Are House MD hallucinations self induced or a product of his Vicodin usage?

United States
October 3, 2009 3:44pm CST
Now I'm not all knowing on Vicodin usage, so I'm not sure if prolonged use (8 years plus) can cause hallucinations. If you go back to season 4 finally, Wilson's Heart (part one and two), you watch the episode where Amber dies. During this finally, House does a number of Self Treatments where he Over Doses on Alzheimer's medication, undergoes direct electro shock therapy to his brain, and other radical "experiments". Watch here: If you've watched season 5, you'll notice that House's entire team agrees that his mental instability is a product of Vicodin. In Season 6 his hallucinations are all gone (the writers make you believe it's because he's "off" Vicodin, but you can also assume it's because of his intense psychotherapy treatment). What says you? Did he do it to himself the day Amber died, or is it a product of Vicodin?
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• Brazil
5 Jul 10
In 8 years i dont know if it causes hallucinations, but definitely liver failure.
@joygracia (1326)
• Philippines
14 Oct 09
But anyways, whether its hallucination or vicodin usage it does kinda make him a very one of a kind, unique and truly amazing doctor. He`S just so hilarious and very wise and I truly love the show!
@snowy22315 (74771)
• United States
3 Oct 09
I think that House's hallucinations are part of his vicodin usage. I don't think he is schzoprhenic or anuythiing like that. He is a doctor after all. I think that House is maybe not fully recovered yet and he will probably continue to take vicodin at times. UYou know he isn't going to stay clean all through the season.