Does your sweetheart's snore bother you?

October 3, 2009 8:27pm CST
For me, if I had a good sleep, can't hear. If I was sleepless, it bothers me a lot. The funny thing is, he said I snore too. I don't know I snore before, maybe it's only because no one tells me.
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• China
5 Oct 09
only for the time i am trying to fall asleep, once i am asleep it doesn't seem to bother me at all.
@chris620 (104)
• United States
4 Oct 09
This is so funny to me because about 1 1/2 ago that was one of the things i looked for in a guy (1 who DOES NOT snore) because I can not stand it... Then I met a man and it took a bit before we slept together for the first time..... But when we did i flipped out, i had to put my head under pillows or sleep in the living room... But now I have gotten so use to it... i don't even know he does it anymore.. It's like the people who sleep with a fan on just for the sound... Have a good day
@Jhaszy (236)
• Philippines
4 Oct 09
hahahaha yes what i do is turn him into sims position instead of the supine..when person has nasal problem or breathing problem and sleeps on his back,the exchange of oxygen in and out would be difficultso if your annoyed by itmake him sleep on his side and put a high pillow..
@Gongfuboy (131)
• China
4 Oct 09
In fact, I have such a bad habit to sleep with snore, but it's patent to the whole world, I don't know it, or even care a rap what will ensue from this. The thing happened when I had a lovely girlfriend one day. She said the voice of your snore sounds quite like the one occured when the anti-virus software finds the queer file. It's really an interesting metaphor, she loved me including my bad habit or naturally habit, so if you fall in love with other one, you should contain a lot.