Who is your favorite Grey's Anatomy character?

October 4, 2009 1:08am CST
Any Grey's Anatomy fan out there? Who among Meredith, McDreamy, Dr. Burke, Izzy, George, Cristina or Alex do you love? I personally like Meredith not only because she's the main character of the series but also the kind of person she portrays reflects some of my personal characteristics. :)
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• Philippines
14 Jun 10
My favorite character is Dr. Arizona Robbins.
@pdiffy (17)
• United States
6 Jul 10
My favorite character is Lexie. I think she brings something that no other character has to the show. She has a somewhat of an innocence and sweetness to her that no other character has. She is not afraid to stand up for her self either. She has changed Meredith for the better.
@hdjohnson (2981)
• United States
11 Oct 09
Actually my favorite is not on the list that you listed above. If I only had to chose from your list it would be a couple of them. 1. Meredith because in the most recent episodes she gave part of her liver so her estranged father could live. 2. Izzy because she decided to fight her disease and is still overcoming her what would seemingly be a terminal illness, but she decided to fight and to beat the odds. 3. George because he gave his life to save another person could live. A total sacrifice. A true demonstration of love in my opinion, especially since he didn't know the person he gave his life for. 4. Cristina because she is just real and straight forward, she is evolving on the show because of her eagerness to be the best. 5. Alex because despite his fears, he stood by Izzy when she was down and out. 6. Dr. Burke because he represents a successful minority, except for getting kicked off the show. 7. McDreamy or Derrick because he is learning to become a better man as a result of his relationship with Meredith.
• United States
22 Jan 10
My favorite is Christina because she has so much spunk, and doesn't try to hide what her true ambitions are - sometimes at a big price to her. Tied for second would be McDreamy and McSteamy - they're just so easy on the eyes. I actually love all of them and it's one of my favorite shows.
@lelin1123 (15634)
• Puerto Rico
4 Oct 09
My favorite character was George but now he is gone. My favorite now would have to be also Meredith because I just like her personality. My least favorite is a toss up between Christina and Izzy. Christina because she is a drama queen and Izzy because she has so little compassion for others. That is a turn off for me.
• Spain
4 Oct 09
I like George too. In fact she's second to Meredith. I like the way he loves his family, his compassion for others and for being a good friend. I was really sad when he's character was gone.
@leegrace (111)
17 Nov 11
I loved Izzy when she was on. Now, I'd have to say Dr. Bailey. my favorite couple has been and will always be Meredith and Derreck! I'm so glad they're together! :) You can also follow them on: http://downloadgreyanatomyepisodes.edogo.com/
@Valenas (1509)
• United States
26 Mar 10
I am not sure if I have a favorite character. Most of the characters have a decent quality to them. Yang is one of my favorite characters, as is Meredith. I like Yang's drive and I wish I had someone that I could be that close too. I liked George a lot, as well. McSteamy and McDreamy are fun, too. As for newer characters, I am really coming to like "Teddy." I cannot recall her actual name.
@soller (21)
• Serbia
16 Mar 10
my favourite grey's anatomy character is doctor han