Troical Storm Ondoy

@margaux08 (1094)
October 4, 2009 3:53am CST
Last week, a nightmare by the name of Tropical Storm Ondoy ( ) wrecked havoc in our country, Philippines. Badly hit is the city where i live (Pasig City)among many others. As the wrath of "Ondoy" was badly felt, the number of casualties increased, sad to say, many of those were children who were just swept away in an instant. As of this writing, our baranggay is still dipped in floodwater knee-high. Fortunately, our house was not affected - yet. But once you go outside, feet should be ready dipping in flood. ...and i can only do so much...
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@rsa101 (28247)
• Philippines
5 Oct 09
I heard about that over the TV for the past few days and a week already. Pasig was the one that was badly hit by Ondoy. It seems that there are many places in Pasig that was not usually flood prone and has become flooded all of a sudden. I am living in San Juan and my place is somewhat elevated already but we were hit by the flood too although it immediately subsided several hours after it hit us. I am quite lucky we recovered rather quickly but we are still drying many things that got wet during the flooding.
@margaux08 (1094)
• Philippines
10 Jan 10
Hi there rsa, Sorry, it took a while for me to respond. I guess I missed this one. Anyway, how's your family doing now? I hope you all completely recovered from the devastation brought by "Ondoy." We all wanted to have "Ondoy" as the last tropical storm. But we can only hope as much. Nevertheless, every storm brings with it hope that maybe... the morning after, everything will be made clean again. All the stains it bought will quickly disappear. Here's hoping for the best... Stay safe...