Can I have Your Attention Please!

October 4, 2009 7:42am CST
The sun was out today. Well, not actually out but there was no rain so I decided to do some laundry. I do my laundry by hand because it is much faster and it also consumes less water than washing machines. I do have a washing machine but I still prefer to hand-wash. So I washed my clothes. Little Tornado was trying to get my attention, but of course I had other chores to do so I could not play with him. He would play with the suds, the water, even swat my feet with his paws. But still I did not mind him. So I finished my laundry and got up to get some clothes hangers. My laundry was in a basin by the floor in my driveway and it took me about three minutes tops to get the hangers. When I went out I shrieked because sitting on top of my freshly laundered clothes was Tornado! He has this look on his face that said, "now do I have your attention?" I wanted to dump him with my clothes inside the washing machine. So I had to do my laundry again, and so that he would not bother my clothes again, I placed the basin on top of the garden set as soon as I finished. And after I had finished hanging my clothes, I gave him a bath! What about your furry helpers? What do they do to get your attention?
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• United States
8 Oct 09
My ferrets love to throw their food dishes around the cage and rattle the cage door if they think I should let them out. Most of the time I do, but I try not to in response to the behavior so it doesn't encourage them. My ferrets love to tunnel in bags of clothes, so I usually let them go through my laundry when I bring it in before I put it away. They also like to steal bags of objects, like my bag of colored pencils, and try to remove the tongues and insoles of shoes. Anything they can drag off and hide is fair game to them. My white ferret Snowpea also likes to bite socks, whether their on your feet or not. Kali likes to run around and bite your ankles until you get down and wrestle with her.
@jashoaf (298)
• United States
5 Oct 09
My dog, Cody, steals my shoes. He doe not chew them, just steals them and puts them in odd places. Sometimes when I am working on my writing, I will see one of my slippers fly through the air. It is Cody, looking expentantly for a reaction!
@ElicBxn (61039)
• United States
4 Oct 09
sitting on top of clean clothes wouldn't have bothered me, there's lots worse mine would do
• Philippines
4 Oct 09
hello anne25penn, Well, next time just put the cleaned clothes in the higher places, if the cat is too hyper then they will jump on other things, they don't even know that those are your clothes. well, i had this one cat who pooped in my cousins security guard uniform because she was staying with me in another room. well, i had removed and put it outside for laundry.