Are high heels are safety hazard?

October 4, 2009 11:09am CST
A few weeks ago there was a major discussion in the UK about the right of women to wear high heels in the office. The point argued was that high heels are bad for posture, feet and back. But also that it slows female workers down as they can't walk as quickly and that it creates a health and safety hazard as it is easier to stumble of fall down the stairs. The discussion died relatively quickly following heavy protest to even consider banning high heels in the office by women. What you do think? Would you give up high heels? Do you think they are a safety issue?
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@Graceekwenx (3162)
• Philippines
4 Oct 09
They are right you know. I wear heels also and i do notice slowing down in pace and thank god ive not fallen from the stairs yet. It is just that women look so nice wearing heels. Well, if they can ban high heels, i would go for it. I feel much more relaxed and safe with flats. The only thing is, i wont be able to look smart wearing flats in a corporate attire. Not only is it a safety issue, it also is a health issue. I got operated for bunions because of wearing heels. Well, partly because of heels, much of the reason is that i am overweight. hehhe.
9 Oct 09
Thanks for your comment! Yes, high heals can be a health issue and a safety issue. But I still think it should be peoples choice if they want to take the risk. You can't stop women to wear heels in their own time neither!
• China
14 Oct 09
I hated to wear high heels, but I'm learning to get used to them, because I have to wear them in our company's celebration to match my qeong-sam.I have no choice. And have to wear them on my marriage celebration,too.I baught two pairs of high heels to practice walking on it. Oh, painful, but what can I do for them.You want beautiful,you have to pay for it.
• China
14 Oct 09
I didn't wear high heels much, because knowing that wearing high heels can cause many disease. But now seems I have no choice, I have to wear them to our company's open ceremony to match my cheong-sam, and my wedding gown.I have to practice walking in them everyday.I used to walk quickly,now I have to slow down my pace, so I have to get up ealier to go to work.Oh, painful! But what can I do?